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As a Thai theater director, Meateanuwat explored the idea of creating experiences that unearth biases in American theater audiences. Meateanuwat looked at Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children and flipped it beyond its Eurocentric roots.

Megan Spoerlein, WGLT Read

Sanhawich Meateanuwat, of the School of Theatre and Dance, took home the $750 prize for the People’s Choice award as voted on by those attending the competition for a speech titled From Eurocentric to Global: Flipping Canonical Western Texts to Create Global Conversations.

Kevin Bersett, Illinois State University News Read

The Revolutionists’ at Heartland Theatre a metaphor for the modern fight for equality. 

Lauren Warnecke, WGLT Read

On stage: 'Mother Courage' shines in attention to detail.

Meateanuwat has them projected and read in 12 different languages (war is everywhere, after all), which is the sort of attention to detail that makes this show shine. He creates stage pictures that are riveting and memorable.

Nancy Steele Brokaw, The Pantagraph Read

Kennedy Center Hosts American College Theater Festival National Awards; Plus Finalists and Award Winners

Chloe Rabinowitz, Broadwayworld Washington D.C. Read

"The Thai director-turned-actor was perfect in the role, capturing the intense emotions of The Writer’s situation while successfully injecting humor here and there; and his performance as a singer was startlingly good."

Ted Morrisey, Twelve Winters Read 

Crossroads Project Chair Kee-Yoon Nahm spoke with two of the artists behind the upcoming staged reading of Dear Mr. C, winner of the 2022 Diverse Voices Playwriting Initiative.

Kee-Yoon Nahm, Illinois State University Read 

"I have seen other work by Meateanuwat, both as director and playwright, and I admire his willingness and ability to experiment with classic material, finding ways to merge his own unique vision with the originals’ core themes. Once again, Meateanuwat proves that older scripts can speak to us just as powerfully in the twenty-first century as they did when originally staged."

 Ted Morrissey, Twelve Winters Read 

A different “epidemic” takes the stage with School of Theatre and Dance’s Rhinoceros

Ashleigh Feger, Illinois State University Read 

"If there’s anything like fairness in the world, this production of the play, guided by the talented hand of Sanhawich Meateanuwat, will put many of its cast and crew on the path to their own well-deserved theatrical successes."

 Ted Morrissey, Twelve Winters Read 

"Director Sanhawich Meateanuwat has created a contemporary ensemble piece where the events of 86 years ago have resonance today."

 Marcia Weiss, The Pantagraph Read 

"A 28-year-old Illinois State University MFA directing student, Meateanuwat proposed the play after drawing similarities between its message and recent human rights protests in Thailand and globally."

Sierra Henry, The Pantagraph Read 

"Thai student embraces 1930s U.S. labor play. Watching military rule in his home country and the brutal repression in neighboring Myanmar awakened Sanhawich to the courage needed to stand for human rights - a message that echoes through Lefty."

Mike Matejka, The Labor paper

"STRIKE! The School of Theatre and Dance presents the classic American labor play Waiting for Lefty. Sanhawich hopes that audiences will leave the production with a sense of empathy for everyone, whether they are in your own backyard or in other countries of the world." 

Ashleigh Feger, Illinois State University News Read 

"Illinois State University’s School of Theatre and Dance performed the play “Waiting for Lefty” before a live audience from Sept. 23-26 at the Center for Performing Arts Theatre. This is the school’s first live performance since the beginning of the pandemic." 

Sean Morrison, Vidette Online Read 

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